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Your Bridge to 24/7 Communications.

Most chatbot companies just build bot templates and you have to take it from there.

What makes Midori Interactive different is our Communications Platform that enables you not just to create, but customize, connect, communicate and conduct business:

  • Create: chatbots in minutes; deploy on any pre-loaded channel such as SMS text, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, etc.
  • Customize: Flexible, generic bot templates enable you to customize the conversations. You can also rename and resell our bots, utilizing your customers’ existing business telephone numbers.
  • Connect: to your current systems, offering a full ITR (interactive text response) solution.
  • Communicate: automatically with customers 24/7.

Conduct Business: in the way customers want and expect in today’s world.

How Does It Work?

Think of the Midori Interactive Communications Platform as a bridge that connects different points. No programmer needed! It’s a key part of our DIY approach to the world of business chatbots and communications.

Our Communications Platform is so versatile and powerful, it can connect the ‘dots’ or data points regardless of the channel – Facebook, Slack, SMS, Telegram, etc. – or the format it was sent in, using webhooks and API keys.

A Midori Interactive-supported bot can respond to a whole slew of questions with custom-written answers. Customers can choose to continue chatting with the chatbot or talk with a live person. Either way, the Communications Platform maintains an auditable record of transactions.

Boost Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

Are you ready to boost your mobile engagement strategy and enhance your brand?

Mobile is IN. According to Pew Research Center, 61 percent of Americans own a smartphone, and a whopping 91 percent own some sort of mobile phone. Obviously, you must have a mobile strategy to stay relevant.

Our Communications Platform enables you to extend your existing network, expand your current solutions and connect to the world of chatbots.

Keep It Simple (But Behind the Scenes, It’s Really Complex)

Our solution is so simple to set up and use… but only because it’s so complex. No other company enables you to create simple bots in a box and resell to literally thousands of businesses without doing any provisioning, billing or support. It’s a true private label solution.

And no other bot builder enables you to be a ‘Super Admin,’ helping an unlimited number of companies or divisions enter the world of chatbots.

The Midori Interactive Communications Platform is simple to set up and sell, thanks to the complexity of the multi-tiered solution that enables you to operate as:

  • Super Admins: at the enterprise or carrier level managing;
  • Admins: at the company level, and
  • Users: at the individual user level.

Ready to Get On Board?

Midori Interactive’s chatbots can be deployed within minutes and managed by non-coders via web interface, enabling businesses to communicate efficiently and effectively with the vast majority of customers who prefer SMS to email or phone calls.

Ready to get on board? We’ve also fully automated the onboarding, billing and support of our chatbots!

We’ve made the process super easy with our self-service onboarding bot. Signing up is as simple as a conversation. And when you’re on board, you’ll want to market your new offering to all your customers (and we’ll help with that, too).

“Chatbots are a win for any business owner that wants to spend less time on routine, mundane communications and more time building their business,” said Noah Rafalko, CEO of Midori Interactive.

Customers also win because they can finally communicate with businesses in the ways they prefer – via text message.”

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