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Frequently Asked Questions

A Midori Interactive representative is available via chat or email to answer your questions about how chatbots can transform your business.

General Questions:

Here are the most common questions we’re asked:

Q: What type of business can use Midori Interactive’s chatbots?

A: Just about any type of business – retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, etc. – can benefit from chatbots. In short, chatbots are the most efficient way to deal with common questions and issues that arise every day.

Q: How much do Midori Interactive’s chatbots cost?


Q: How much can a business save using Midori Interactive’s chatbots?


Q: What’s the difference between Midori Interactive and Twilio?

A: The short answer is that both Twilio and Midori Interactive use the same type of logic – but Twilio’s tools are more complex and therefore best suited for developers, while Midori Interactive’s tools can be used by anyone.

We start with a simple business problem such as enabling customers to get answers via text to common questions about your business hours and location. We then make it simple for any business owner to use the power of chatbots to solve that problem. It’s the KISS formula (keep it simple, stupid) that businesses can use to communicate via text with many, if not most, customers.

Q: Is Midori a platform?


Q: What external connections does Midori Interactive offer?

A: Midori Interactive currently connects to the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Slack and Telegram and we continue to build relationships for other connectivity.

Q: How many kinds of Bots are there?


Q: Can I create templates?


Q: Is Midori automated?


Q: Can I export conversations?


Technical Questions:

Q: What is the Midori Interactive architecture?

A: Midori Interactive’s architecture is comprised of several components:

  • Bots: the templates used to interact with your customers
  • Networks: the channels created to communicate
  • Adapters: the end-point connections like Facebook, Telegram and Slack
  • Responders: the method you chose to respond to your customers
  • Exporters: enable you to provide copies of your communications via email

Q: Does Midori Interactive support API connectivity?

A: Yes, stand-alone connections like the social media connections are built in. Any custom connections can be built by Midori Interactive’s developers.

Q: How robust is the Midori Interactive API?

A: Midori Interactive has custom API’s and allows external connections via API connectivity. Midori’s user interface (UI) syncs with the power of the API’s applied.

Q: How scalable is Midori Interactive?

A: It’s highly scalable by engaging additional servers.

Q: What protocols and coding language makes Midori Interactive work?

A: Midori Interactive is powered by Erlang/Elixir, and operates over HTTP/S (other APIS), SMPP (for SMS), MM4 (for MMS). Erlang/Elixir is the code language the platform was written in. HTTP(s) is the web and web connectivity while SMPP, SMS, MMS is simply text messaging and picture messaging connectivity.

Q: How do I interconnect with Midori Interactive?

A: Our API document outlines how to interconnect with Midori Interactive.

Q: Whom do I call if I’m having issues during interop?

A: Contact a developer via phone (XXX-XXX-XXXX) or email.

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